Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh Emmy Will You Ever Get It Right?

While on occasion the Emmy nominations surprise, for the most part they are like a clingy girl, forever hooking up with the security of ex-boyfriends rather than venturing out to find someone new to break their heart.  Is that too sexist of a analogy? Sorry. Feel free to switch out girl with boy. It doesn't really matter, you get the idea.  Out came the nominations today and frankly, they feel rather familiar and less than shocking.

In Comedy the old standbys; The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock and Modern Family were joined by HBO's Girls (which was only loosely a comedy, but there's no category for awkward) and Veep (which was just ok). Where was Louie? Where was Wilfred? Community? Parks and Rec? Where was Sean Hannity... oh, really.. It's sorry, my bad. Curb had an ok season, but no where near it's prime and 30 Rock too seemed to be feeling it's age a bit (although it's still better than most).  Louie really deserves the nod in my book. Of those nominated, Modern Family is still the strongest, but Big Bang had a really consistant year last year, they could take it.

In the acting categories, there were no shocks there either other than the fact that Louie C.K. actually got a nomination and Don Cheadle made it for House of Lies (on Showtime... no, you never saw it). Otherwise it's Larry David, Jon Cryer, Jim Parsons and Alec Baldwin. Louie should win.

On the ladies side of things it is a bit more diverse with Girl's Lena Dunham, along with New Girl's Zooey Deschanel making their first appearances. They'll compete with Edie Falco, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (first time for Veep, but not her first), Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler. It will be a tough shot here, because Lena and Zooey are both so much indie darlings, the Emmys love Edie, Tina and Julia and Amy rocks Parks. Hell Melissa gives good speech too when she wins. Who knows?

The Drama nods are really shocking in no way at all, except one... let me list them off and you can see if you notice anything similar about them... Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland and Mad Men.... yes that's right, excepting Downton Abbey from PBS, none of the shows are from the broadcast networks. I know you are up in arms right now asking where's that great show.... ummm...the show from....ahhh.... did CSI have an ok season last year? Wasn't Ted Danson on? Oh well, moving on, I kinda see this as a race between Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Homeland... with both Bad and Homeland having the most momentum right now.

Far as the actors in a drama are concerned... eh... I think Damian Lewis deserves it for Homeland, but Bryan Cranston is so good in Bad... either could win it... Hugh Bonneville (Downton), Steve Buscemi, Jon Hamm and Michael C. Hall round things out.

On the ladies side of things we see the Emmy's old habits coming out as Kathy Bates got a nomination for Harry's Law (yes, it totally sucked this year as they gave it a little Practice: Year Two makeover and destroyed the whole feeling of the show) as well as Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men (she was just ok this season, it really was so much more Hamm's show). Also getting nods such familiars as Glenn Close (Damages-- only seen on Directv) and Julianna Marguiles (The Good Wife). Claire Danes gets a nod for Homeland and Michelle Dockery for Downton Abbey. Danes was outstanding on Homeland, but with all the favorites, it's a toss up.

I'm not going to go over the supporting actors and actresses, but needless to say, everyone, aside from the kids was nominated from Modern Family, while Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey seemed to fill up all the drama slots.

The movie or mini-series is a bit confounding to me. HBO's Game Change and Hemingway and Gellhorn were both fine movies and Hatfield & McCoys was most certainly a mini-series, but the other three nominated in this category are actually series... FX's American Horror Story and BBC's Luther and Sherlock.... whatever.... at least it's still better than the confusing categories for the Grammys. I love Sherlock. It's amazing and I'd love to see it win. Luther too is well written and acted and Hatfield was drawing nearly 13 million for History so they could steal this one. Then again, the Emmys still love themselves some HBO.

Other tidbits: Probably another battle between Colbert and Stewart for Variety Show (although SNL continues to be nominated even though they haven't been cutting edge since Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase went at it in that name calling sketch.
There are so many good animated shows on television, how American Dad, The Penguins of Madagascar and Bob's Burgers got nominated, I just can't answer. Hopefully Futurama wins. Emmy fave The Simpsons also got a nomination.
Best Category: Best Non-Competition Reality Show has Shark Tank, Antiques Roadshow, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Mythbusters, Undercover Boss and Who Do You Think You Are. For me, it's a clear showdown between Mythbusters and Antiques Roadshow, which, if you think about it, kinda do similar things, though with fewer explosions on Roadshow.

I'll have more as we get closer to the show with will air in September on ABC.

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